• FN004

    The fourth issue of FIELDNOTES is an organism composed of many oscillating units, like suns that sway or intensify according to various systems of balance, freely interacting and allowing for plasmic flows to form bonds between membranes. The collective behaviour of the constituent parts drives the organism’s locomotion.

    Our fourth issue contains new writing and artwork from Adeola Titiloye, ajw, Fanny Howe, Will Alexander, Michael O’Mahony, Agnieszka Szczotka, Renee Gladman & Isabel Mallet, Can Xue, Karen Gernant & Chen Zeping, Tony Brooks, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Mat Jenner, Alba Schloessingk, Camille Roy, Pete Segall, Johanna Hedva, Beihua Guo, Cedar Sigo and KP Culver.

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  • FN003

    We are happy to be moving outside our cupboard/office with the fan heater cooking our brains out on a daily basis, happy to be escaping our awful glowing heads zooming in their screen boxes and to find ourselves in the real world and in your hands, dear reader. We present you with this new issue which is another way to say: WE ARE STILL ALIVE.

    Our third issue contains new writing and artwork from CAConrad & George Finlay Ramsay, Charlie Hawksfield, Yvonne, Angus McCrum, Peter Gizzi, McKenzie Wark, Kate Paul, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Georges Bataille & Rachelle Rahmé, Declan Wiffen, Rosa Barba, Travis Jeppesen, Robert Glück & Arnold J Kemp, Cecilia Pavón & Jacob Steinberg, George Lynch and Yuhan Shen.

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  • FN002

    In this issue: we wake up, we go to sleep, paths are drawn through the forest. We are waiting for the flood, we are waiting for the dog star to bring fever, rains, catastrophe and music of the highest vibrations. Here are some notes on how to survive, this issue is a survival guide. Diagrams are saying things and we are learning new lines ~ the first line is a line of sight between predator and prey, these are nutrient-rich lines, between shopping aisles, between what is eatable and what is not, between the wood and the trees there is continual elaboration. We are learning preservation techniques, how to be safe & good, how to cut & come again, how to fall in love, how to dance with your lover, we learn how to build a bunker, we learn to dip the rat in oil before we eat it, we learn to collect plastic from the bins and melt it together to make new containers, to contain new questions: has the disaster happened, is it coming, or are we in it?

    The second issue of Fieldnotes contains new work by: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Steve Dutton, Liesl Ujvary, Akio Yuguchi, Evan Lavender-Smith, Dodie Bellamy, Paul Maheke & Giles Bailey, Yan Jun, Emily Charlton, Ed Atkins, Sam Buchan-Watts, Elizabeth Price, Mary Mussman, Carolyn Ferrucci, Hanne Lippard, Charlie Godet Thomas, Hannah Regel.

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  • FN001

    We present a new publication called FIELDNOTES! Or: something like a dog digging a hole, like a rat digging its burrow, carefully excavating like an armoured Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer, or grasping an eel hiding in a tank, reading between the lines of a field of chinese cabbages, dig em’ up dig em’ up!, mudlarking for old teeth or vague religious feelings, following the flight path of a bat, from BOOZE to BEES to LIES, like hangmen drawing lines between unstable coordinates. (We cannot know for whom the text will become a riot, a notice, a wormhole, or mote.) 23.03.2020, you sent me an email: The garden has gone mad, any chance this is the right summer? It was the right wrong summer for a new venture, the first thing was a third thing, it took us a year to reach Issue 1. We present a collection of works, or fragments dissolving under the tongue, tracking beetles on a picnic rug, to a screaming pot on the stove.

    The first issue of Fieldnotes contains new work by: Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart, Wytske van Keulen, Zara Joan Miller, Estelle Hoy, Rob Halpern, Ana Vaz & Ben Rivers, Matthias Connor, Wythe Marschall, Sarah Mangold, Patrick Keiller, Helen Marten, Lulu Wolf, Emily Hunt Kivel, Amparo Dávila trans. Audrey Harris & Matthew Gleeson, Ulrike Almut Sandig trans. Karen Leeder, Malcolm Bradley & Juliette Pépin, David Manley, Eloise Lawson.

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